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Sweden by horse


Sweden has one of the highest numbers of horses per head of the population in Europe and there is a deeply rooted tradition of high quality horse management and breeding. It is said that no other country in the world has as healthy horses as we do because of the strict regulations regarding animal welfare.



The country's vast length, almost 1,600 kilometres from the northern to the southern tip, makes the contrasts between its different parts dramatic.

Canter along sandy beaches or drive a horse and carriage through picturesque areas rich in cultural heritage. Stop for a break and pick mushrooms and berries and drink the water from the stream.

As a guest you can feel completely safe as your guide has extensive experience and training in safety matters. You can choose between living in a castle and eating gourmet meals made from top-quality raw products or staying in a cottage with self-catering.

Sweden has two indigenous horse breeds: the North Swedish Horse and the Gotland Pony. The North Swedish Horse is a brilliant all-round horse that with its good temperament is well suited for anything from driving to riding. With their good feeling for terrain, the North Swedish Horses can cope with any type of countryside, and are therefore perfect for hacks.

The Gotland Pony has been called a living monument. This amazing animal is unique and still lives on the forest-covered moors of Gotland as its ancestors have done for thousands of years. Gotland Ponies are versatile – they make pleasant rides for children and are at the same time fast trotters.

Sweden offers a wide variety of different riding opportunities – from western riding or Icelandic horse riding to forest hacks on North Swedish Horses or two-horse carriage driving with our own domestic breed of Swedish Half-bred.

You can also visit one of the country’s trotting and race courses or go to one of the international horse shows: Gothenburg Horse Show in Scandinavium and the Falsterbo Horse Show.

There are any numbers of possibilities – all you have to do is decide what tickles your fancy. Our quality-assured horse farms are waiting to take care of you and ensure that you have a marvellous equestrian holiday.

Welcome to Sweden by Horse!  



Horse riding with the kids

From the magnificent Swedish mountains and the forests of the north to the sandy beaches of the south, Sweden offers unique horse riding trips for you and the kids. Picture the little ones on Icelandic ponies riding through the deep snows of the far north, with the Northern Lights as a backdrop. It’s the stuff that memories are made of.

Horseback riding:


Tour riding also for beginners
Adress: Heden, Brastad
Telefon: 0523-401 90


Fjällbacka kan erbjuda ridturer, både kortare och längre.
Godkännd hästgård.
Adress: Lersten, Fjällbacka / Stenehed, Hedekas
Telefon: 0524-124 03
Mobil: 070-555 70 50



Kålleröd 207
451 96 Uddevalla

Telefon: 0522-65 01 22
Telefontid: mån-fre 09.00-11.00

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