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Fishing around Orust in Sweden
Orust has a long tradition of fishing. Fishing together with boat building and farming has been the main occupation on our island.

Fishes in the Sea

In the sea you will find many different fishes. Some of the more common fishes are: Hornpike, Mackerel and Sea trout.

On the shallow areas with "leopard pattern", that is, seaweed, stones and sand is good for Sea trout. Try in the evening or at night. The Mackerel can always be found but they go a bit deeper, but if you find steep beaches or cliffs going deep into the water you can still get them from land..

If you are fising Sea trout in the summer, when it is warm then you should be fishing in the eavning or the night, or you can fish during the day, but then you should look for them a bit deeper. You can find them around grounds, along cliff walls, where they find a bit of current and motion in the water.

In the autumn you fish cod and it relatives and mackerel.

How to get the fishes and where

Havsöring and näbbgädda is most commonly fished with a fishingrod on a depth of 0.5-4 m on leopard patterned seabeds, that is sandy with some Seaweed. Good areas are Sothern Stenungsön, northern side of Askeröarna, Galterön, Dagholmarna, Boxvikskile, Stocken.
Cod, "sej", "bleka", "makrill", "vittling" och and different flast fishes are fished with "bottenmete" or spinning rod. Good places are "Tjörnbrofästena", Lyrön, Björholmen and Härön.

Fishing dictionary

English Svenska Deutsch
Cod Torsk Dorsch
Sea trout Havsöring Meerforelle
Mackerel Makrill Makrele 
Whiting Vitling Weißfisch / Merlan
Pollock Sej Pollack
Garfish / Minx / Hornpike Näbbgädda Hornhecht 
Seaweed Tång  Tang



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