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Affiliate Partners Program

Offer our cottages for your customers. All cottages are in great shape and we have a good track record with happy customers.

We provide you with up to date booking availability information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All data is kept updated every single minute.

We offer comission per referred booking. You may either choose to integrate our XML data in your web-site and provide us with full booking details or you may refer customers to our web-site and the customer do then book manually in our online booking.


Affiliate Partners Registration

Send an e-mail to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more.


Affiliate Partners FAQ

These are the most frequently asked questions about our affiliate program.


Q: Why should I join the affiliate partner program?

A: offer unique content, a large choice of hotels, daily availability and sharp rates.


Q: What are the costs and benefits for affiliate partners?

A:  There are no costs involved for the partner. The affiliate partner program is based on revenue sharing, so through our content and reservation process in your website, we will help you to realize each booking, for which we pay you a share. It is a real win-win solution.


Q: Who can join the affiliate partner program?

A:  Any website owner who has dedicated traffic for online reservations and is interested to offer the best choice of hotels, can join the program. The website does not necessarily need to be a travel website. Also if you are a travel agent or offer reservation services through a call center, you can become a distributor.


Q: Can I offer a selection of the offer on my website?

A:  You are free to make any type of selection you wish and/or to combine this with some other providers' offer. You can link directly each cottage.


Q: How can I integrate in my website?

A:  For our key partners we offer several integration possibilities with different levels of customization. We advise you to look in our examples below. Integrations can usually be completed quickly and easily, although that can depend on the type of integration you have chosen. We deliver you a customized URL to add to the site; you do not need any specific technical know-how to be able to work with us.


Q: Where should I put the link on my website?

A:  Visitors are more likely to buy when they can easily find what they are looking for. We recommend affiliate partners to place the link in several locations on the website, e.g. after finishing the transaction for another service and not only on the more obvious places such as your homepage, the travel related parts or the navigation bar.


Q: How do I create links?

A:  The basic links are created for you and can be downloaded from the affiliate center. There you will find many links and examples of how to make new ones for direct use on your website. These links already include your ID number. You can easily copy them.


Q: How can I monitor my traffic, bookings and commissions?

A:  Affiliate partners can monitor the individual bookings real time. They can access their account online and monitor the overall statistics regarding traffic, bookings and commissions on a 24/7 basis. This is updated regularly with the latest information.


Q: How does track partners reservations?

A:  To track partners reservations we use your unique ID number in your link. This number is included also in the reservations made by the visitors on your website, so all reservations with the same ID number will be associated with the same partner.


Q: Can you explain the commission structure?

A:  We guarantee to pay commission on all realized bookings, according to a commission split model. You will enjoy the maximum benefit. The model is performance related, the more bookings a partner does, the more the partner earns.


Q: How and when do you pay me the earned commissions?

A:  We pay commissions to affiliate partners by bank transfer, between 30 to 60 days after closure of the month when the booking has been realized. Payments are conducted on a monthly basis, provided that the minimum amount is EUR 30.


Q: When I operate more than one website, can I add up all bookings?

A:  Yes you can, all bookings generated by your websites will be added and rewarded according to the total volume generated.


Q: Who can I contact for help or more details?

A: Please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or through your account manager.


Affiliate Partners Examples

For examples, please look at the following implementations: branded HTML link

The easiest way to implement is to use a direct HTML link. Our website pops up in the original look and feel. We keep track of the number of reservations made via the link to When you sign up for the affiliate program you will receive a special link with your unique tracking code.

Our system enables you to create links any 'landing page'.


Private label implementation

The private label implementation shows your name and logo. interacts behind the scenes of your website. The private label booking engine can be loaded in a frame on your website or can be opened in a new window.

We have the possibility to edit the style sheet to match your website's look and feel. Furthermore, we can upload header and footer images when the page opens in a new window. The private label implementation is easy to implement and to maintain. As we load the pages directly from our servers, you do not have to worry about correct pricing and up-to-date content. Upon request, we can add a 'powered by' logo as well.


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