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Elk Guarantee

South of Orust is very popular amoung not only our human visitors also the Elks like this part of Bohuslän very much. In the last years there have been a good number of Elks living in the forrests of sourthern Orust.

The Elk is most likely to be spotted around dusk and dawn.

Varekilsnäs have become so popular amoung Elks that we have now launch our Elk Guarantee. During a limited time you may now book this guarantee. If you will the luck will not be on your side then we will be willing to pay back 50% of the cost for the rental of our cottage.



To be able to see the Elks you will have to go ino the forrest. We say that you will see the Elk during your stay here if you spend 3 dusks and dawns in our forrests. If you still will not have seen the Elk then we will pay back 50% of the rent for the cottage.

The guaratee need to be booked before arrival. It may be booked for stays starting and ending in the spring season and the autumn season.

You need to book at least one week to be allowed to book the Elk Guaratee. Payback is limited to 50% of the cost for one week.



The cost for the guaratee is 20euro.


Spring Season

Staring with week 2 and ending with week 20


Autumn Season

Starting with week 41 and ending with week 50

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